Hope is pink and has feathers.
Sarah_Harper. The story of the Pattern Changer..JPG
Sarah_Harper_2018. Shine..JPG
Sarah_Harper_2018. 'Know thy self. Pattern works series..JPG
Sarah Harper 2018. Boundaries..JPG
Sarah Harper. Not sorry. 2018.JPG
Sarah_Harper. Transitional tension 2018.jpg
Sarah Harper 2018. 'Hope'. Pattern series.JPG
Sarah Harper. 2018. Listen for the silence..JPG
Sarah Harper. Keeper of the light 2018.JPG
Sarah_Harper 2018. Yes we are connected. Oil on board..JPG
Sarah Harper oil on board 2018
The sun, the moon and the truth.
Green mask, keep your eyes on the sun. Sarah Harper 2017. Oil on canvas 910mm H x 1020mm W. (640x580).jpg
Yellow dog.
Those who keep silence.
You cannot reson with a tiger when your head is in its' mouth.
Run black sheep. Run.
Running from the lion.
Rise again.
12. 'We all know our own truth.' Sarah Harper oil on board 2017. NZPPA 2018 (636x640).jpg
Mother land.
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